Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lynda Barry

Yeserday was the best lecture I have ever been to at Tyler. Well, I've only been here for 10 weeks, but it was definitely the most inspirational speech I've heard here. At first, Lynda got up and said that she was nervous and I was thinking, "oh great, another nervous person who can't make a speech." I was totally wrong. She didn't seem nervous at all. She talked, read parts to us from her book, and even sang.
The part that I liked most about her was the fact that she was talking about images and didn't show images on the screen but we could still see them in our heads. It's like she didn't even need to show us any pictures of what she was talking about because she was so good at explaining that we could all just image what she meant.
She also seemed like she believed in all of us. Even though she didn't know anyone personally, she just really seemed like an old friend who wanted everyone to succeed. She basically told us too, to not think about the money. Everyone in art school thinks, "okay, how am I going to make a living with this major?" But, Lynda basically told us to just follow our bliss and the money will come. Just do what we love. Just like she did.

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